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A Story Before CoWorking - Our Plantation House

  Exact photo date estimated to be early to mid 1950’s

Exact photo date estimated to be early to mid 1950’s

To honor what came before us in this house and space, we reflect on past stories of The Plantation House. Mahalos go to Isaac Texeira and Jimmy Fernandez for their openness to talk story and share memories about the good old days in this family house.

This picture’s perspective is taken from Isaac and Jimmy’s grandma’s house (now Pukalani Superette), looking at SPACESMaui, The Plantation House (once the humble residence of Jimmy, his siblings, and parents Rebecca and Louis Fernandez). The wheelbarrow at the front left of the picture is an indicator that this hard-working family lived a country lifestyle, working the land and providing for their big family of 14, as well as being of service to their surrounding communities. The hedge in the forefront, as well as the plumeria tree and mango tree (not in picture), are the same ones we see today! The lanai (porch), where our Jump Seats are set, was a fond place to find the family dog Rover sitting by Louis (Jimmy’s father) as he sat in his rocking chair in the afternoon, smoking his pipe. The front door, at this time, was on this side of the house, always open for family or guests to pass through.

Where the front office desk is (to the right of the lanai in the image), was once a bedroom where Jimmy’s eldest brother slept, and in the back where the inventory room is located (to the left of the lanai in the image) was once an extra girls room. Where you now stand, was where the home parlor was, which could be entered from the door on the right side of the old lanai.

Where our Liliʻuokalani meeting room now is, was once the family’s living room, rarely used as all eating matters took place in the kitchen area. The Haleakalā private office was once where all of the younger children slept. The space was bigger without a wall at that time, able to fit two double beds.The Uncle Louis’ private meeting room was once the bedroom of parents Rebecca and Louis.

Where the building’s parking lot is now, was once the yard front where Rebecca (Jimmy’s mother) would grow her lovely plants that she took fond care of. In the image, you can see some of her beloved plants hanging from the lanai roof. The top window in the picture was the attic. Jimmy noted that the one broken window was always like that. In those hanabata days (childhood), Jimmy and his siblings would take a ladder to get onto the roof, sliding the window to crawl in and play in the attic or take care of their rat trap duties.

Behind the house was a farm storage (seen in photo) for storing sold produce like home grown onions with the garage further down the property—a property a lot bigger then than it is now. To the left of the house (now the neighbors fenced property), was where Louis (Jimmy’s father) would have his three keawe wood burning imu (underground ovens) where he would cook ono (delicious) specialities like laulau (leaf wrapped steamed meat or fish), kālua pork, and kūlolo (steamed taro and coconut cream pudding) for church events and community gatherings.

Issac shared his fond memories of the good old days, running through the property to help Grandma as she walked through the bottom fields run with cattle, carrying her fresh baked Portuguese sweet bread, as well as times coming over to uncle Louis’ house, sitting under the full mango tree eating homemade pickled mango. Onolicious! There were also times in this house that were challenging and hard then, but it was a simple and beautiful life, full of fond and funny stories of this shared space cherished to this day.

We at SPACESMaui feel blessed to be new caretakers of the Fernandez ʻohana’s house and to learn of the history that once cared for this space.

Where our Tech Corner is now located, was the start of the side dining area where a very long wooden farm table was placed, able to seat 14 people. There was no wall dividing the front bedroom and the dining area, only a curtain provided for some privacy. The kitchen was at that time further back near the end of the library lounge. The door by the kitchen lead you to the side of the house. Where you are now standing, was the bathing space, including a shower here by the bathroom. The family spent a lot of time on this side for meals and talk story. Hopefully, you can enjoy this space to snack and relax as well! 

 Jimmy, Jazmyne and the photo of his house

Jimmy, Jazmyne and the photo of his house